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About Uniq Advances

The principals have been working together since 1992. Uniq Advances Pty Ltd was formed in May 2000 and is wholly owned and financed by the principals. The company is completely independent of any software or hardware vendor, though we do provide training and consulting to and on behalf of vendors.

Based in Sydney, Uniq Advances provides consulting and systems administration services to customers across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

For details on the range of services provided, please see our Services page.


Glenn Satchell

Senior Technical Consultant, with over 30 years consulting experience with Sun, Unix, Networking and High Availability.
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"Glenn is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough Unix engineers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Glenn not only carries around decades of detailed and in-depth UNIX knowledge in his agile mind but he is also a great team player who is able to bring his knowledge and experience to bear when solving show-stopping problems, creating more efficient processes or developing work flow automation. Glenn is one of the first people I would hire when looking for UNIX skills and I would certainly enjoy working with him again." March 24, 2009
Craige McWhirter, Unix System Administrator, Macquarie Group
worked directly with Glenn at Macquarie Group

"I found Glenn to be an engineer of the highest calibre. Both technically and fit with the team. His technical skills are second to none and he is always friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommended." January 11, 2009
Ashley Henderson, Associate Director, Macquarie Bank
worked directly with Glenn at Macquarie Group

Peter Bestel

Senior Technical Consultant, with over 30 years consulting experience with Automation, Configuration Management, Cloud, Sun, HP, AIX, VERITAS, Unix, Macintosh, Networking, High Availability and Databases.
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"A technical wizard and leader within the organization. I highly recommend Peter." April 4, 2007
Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta, Senior Director Product Management, VERITAS Software
worked with Peter at VERITAS Software

"I had the pleasure of working with Peter when Uniq Professional Services was contracting to Citibank. He is an excellent system administrator and was able to work effectively within the security constraints of the bank. I would be happy to recommend Peter and his work at any time." March 28, 2006
Jon Wright
was Peter's client

Judy Hawksford

Finance, with over 35 years consulting experience in the accounting industry.

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